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Trace the impact of OTT on the film industry

The growing technological advancement and smartphones with high-quality HD cameras have created a vision in the mass people and they have shown their interest in watching realistic stories or films based on true events. With it, the popularity of short films has reached new heights over the last few years. Through these films, the burning problems of society have been reflected. The brutality of the police, the real picture of the democratic election and national lockdown, and its effects on the workers have been brought in front of the people of the nation through short films or web series.

Thus, the demand for short films has immensely increased over time. It has invited many new and talented directors who are keen to showcase their talent and efficiency to the audience. Short films are not completely based on plot but they are actually based on the idea. Short filmmakers are more vocal, more versatile, and produce more relevant and realistic content. These are basically a gateway or a magic door that reopens a large section of techniques and genres. Filmmakers can make the most benefit from short films. The benefit is not only in respect of revenue but also in exposure and experience. Through Gecko, the short filmmakers will get a bigger platform to showcase their talent and skill to a large audience.

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